We are in need of volunteers to help us on our journey.

Currently we are looking for anyone with time and the following skills:

Fundraising Event Planner

We are starting to do local (Belleville/Trenton/Picton) events to raise funds for our cause.
We are looking for someone to help us wrap our heads around how to plan and run an event for 50-100 people. We are also looking for anyone that has experience with running or organizing sporting/obstacle events like, but not as big as, Tough Mudder.

Fundraising Help

We are being invited to more and more events throughout the year, and we need to be in two or even three places at once! If you have time on certain weekends through the year we can always use someone to help us staff the booth, table etc at events all over Ontario and the Northeastern US.

if you are local to either of these two places and want to help out, drop us a line below