• PTSD affects everyone.  We all rely on our military and first responders to be there when we need them.  This is our opportunity to be there for them in return when they need us the most.

    Renee Mair - Founder and CEO

  • I was crushed to learn that PTSD and CIS programs CLOSE every year because they can’t find people to help. They were actually losing funding because they couldn’t FILL SEATS! Yet I have friends that can’t find programs. I had to get involved.

    Brent Lucas - Online Fundraising

  • Being an emergency service worker, and also having many friends in police, military and EMS services, I am witness to the devastation of personal, family and professional lives PTSD brings. We can do better. PTSD does not have to be an inevitable consequence of trauma in these services, it is treatable and beatable. We all need to be aware and ready to help, in the same way that these professionals are ready to help everyday they serve us all.

    Jay Patterson - Director

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