Happy_HalloweenHalloween is most often associated with fun, candy, costumes and visiting neighbours.  This celebration of re-inventing yourself for one night and being rewarded for your efforts is embraced by both young and old.  It is the one night you can be anyone you want to be, without judgement or reservation.

But there is another side to this holiday – one that is not embraced by some who battle their own demons on a daily basis.  They cannot reinvent themselves so easily or feel it necessary to wear “masks” each day just to survive.  For someone who is hyper vigilant, a continuous barrage of masked children coming to their door, knocking and ring the bell, may be a continuous source of stress.  For someone who has an eating disorder to PTSD, the onslaught of candies around the home and office may be a trigger not easily overlooked.  For a person who is prone to stay to themselves, the constant talk of parties and gatherings may reinforce feelings of isolation.

All holidays have the ability to create tension for people battling PTSD, some more than others for various reasons.  It is important that we look beyond our own desire to celebrate in a boisterous way and respect those who are not able to do so.  Remember to reach out and ensure our friends and family are in a good spot during a time that may be very trying.

From everyone at Many To One, have a safe and happy Halloween.

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