September is National Suicide Prevention Month. The rising rate of soldiers taking their own lives has continued to rise since the tours in Afghanistan have begun. National statistics have indicated that in one year, the number of soldiers lost in battle was LESS than those who took their own lives.

According to the Los Angeles Times (June 8, 2012): The 154 suicides through June 3 this year was 24 more than during the same period last year – an 18% increase – according to an Associated Press analysis of Pentagon figures.  The military had projected 136 suicides for the 2012 period based on rates in previous years, the AP reported.

Soldiers are not the only ones who battle PTSD and take their own lives.  A report on the effect on Police also indicates the rates are much higher than the general population and also on the rise.  Firefighters and EMS works are also at risk due to the very nature of their every day occupations.

REACH OUT! Reach out to those that are struggling with this and let them know they are not alone.

ANYONE WITH PTSD – reach out to anyone who will listen. You are never alone – there are many great organizations out there who can help.

Here are some articles and reports that outline something we all need to be aware of: be part of the solution and healing.

ABC News (Military) LINK

Los Angels Times (Military) LINK


Badge of Life (Police) LINK

Grieving Behind the Badge (Fire/EMS) LINK

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