VOODOO Tactical

VOODOO Tactical

Have you ever tried to speak to someone when they are incredibly busy?  Have you ever questioned if their nod would be remembered after you walk away?  I had that experience when speaking to Jayson at the Voodoo booth in 2011 and 2012. I have never seen a man so busy every time you walked by his booth at SHOT.

In 2011, I had a brief discussion with him and true to his word, he sent a Matrix bag for our online auction.  The next year I saw him, he said he would be happy to contribute again and we were thrilled.  After all, have you seen the cool bags that Voodoo has in stock?  Well, I received a tremendous shock when the box arrived for our online auction this year.  It was FILLED with various types of Voodoo bags!  I was beyond words at their generosity.  Even our media consultant, Blackthorne Media, was impressed and decided to do a short video on some of the items we received!

When I thanked Jayson for the generous donation, the response was again a wonderful surprise: “It is our pleasure to donate to organizations that support our men and woman in uniform.  You can count us in for next year’s event as well.  Let me know if you have any more auctions of donations for this year.”  What more can you say about an organization that gives to support those who serve and volunteer to give again in advance!

To Jayson and the team at Voodoo, please accept our heart-felt thanks for your continued generosity and support.  Not just support for Many To One but support of the men and women in uniform.

Please check out the video by Blackthorne Media which highlights some of the great gear donated by Voodoo from our auction in March 2012 as well as their website for amazing products.

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