At SHOT Show 2011, David McFaul of Neit Arms and Renée Mair worked to collect end-of-show donations and giveaways for the purpose of doing an auction in support of Wounded Warriors.  With a collection of bags, T-shirts and miscellaneous items, an impromptu auction raised over $1500.

Due to the amalgamation of Neit Arms into North Eastern Arms, David’s schedule became quite busy filling orders due to an overwhelming demand for their products.  The requests for 100% Canadian made rifles backed by both military experience and aerospace technology has driven this company to the forefront of international demand.  This continuous growth based on dedication to cutting edge technology and innovative process improvements has left very little time for other activities.

That is where Many To One PTSD Support Foundation was created: Renée wanted to recreate the initial auction and see if it was possible to double that amount at SHOT 2012.  The response was overwhelming!   Even in the whirlwind of activity of supply and demand, North Eastern Arms (NEA) demonstrated their support from the very beginning.

NEA has donated directly and indirectly to both auctions held this year, thus supporting Wounded Warriors, Wounded Warrior Project and Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  Additionally, the executive staff has bid and won items in each event thus adding to the total dollar amount raised as well as donating products.  Their continued support has been demonstrated by their posts on Facebook to encourage people to go the website and support these and other initiatives.

Here is yet another example of a company that is running at 110% to meet the needs of their international customers and still makes time to give back when asked.  To all at North Eastern Arms, we would like to thank you for your continued support and overwhelming generosity.

Please check out this Canadian company:


  1. Bob

    August 21, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    An amazing effort from all involved! Congratulations and THANK YOU!

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