When we started Many To One PTSD Support Foundation, there were a few people we knew we could call on for support that we also considered personal friends. These people not only talked the talk, but walked the walk in support of helping others. This write up is about one of those people who have had our back and continues to support us today.


Army Issue was started in August 2004 by Jeroon Vrakking. Located in Port Credit, Ontario, Army Issue has been a constant source of military surplus items, clothing and gaming supplies for sports such as Airsoft. Their clientele range from the trendy teens to CF Cadets, law enforcement and everyday civilians looking for those rare items not easily found anywhere else. Although the store may appear to be small from the outside, it is a true treasure trove of gear, equipment and clothing. It is no joke to walk into this facility with the intention of “just looking” and walking out with kit that you never thought you would possess – but you do now.

When we approached Army Issue for a donation to our first online auction, there was no hesitation on the response. Where else would you be able to bid on a ghillie suit and more? In addition to donating items to the auction, Jeroon went one step further: he volunteers to take a number of the para cord bracelets and have them available in his store in order to collect additional donations for Wounded Warriors. As the inventory depleted, he has since contacted us for additional bracelets to keep the inventory available for his customers.

Thank you Jeroon and your staff for supporting Many To One, and in turn, supporting Wounded Warriors. It is wonderful to see independent operations such as yours doing your part to support the troops in a wide variety of ways.

Please make sure you check out their website or visit their store in Port Credit. Together we can make a difference and grow to support the organizations that help those who serve.

Army Issue Surplus Inc.
1 Stavebank Road North
Phone: 905-271-1665


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