One of the nicest comments we received this weekend at the conference was from Bob Kirkpatrick, President of CFFF. He admitted being a sceptic about the para cord bracelets but by the end of Monday he was very surprised. He had been asked so many times about where they came from and if they could buy them after the show it became evident an online store may be a future requirement. We are now looking into this option and how we can balance the store and separate the donations from the sales. We are committed to ensuring that donations will continue to go to Wounded Warrior Project, Wounded Warriors and Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. We are also looking into securing blue para cord for a Police specific donation (recipients to be determined).

What started as a simple idea for an online auction for Wounded Warrior has blossomed into great possibilities in spreading the word and raising funds for additional charities. We are thrilled at the progress we are making.

Thank you to all who have supported our activities and continue to encourage us to continue to grow.

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