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  1. Jdz

    March 3, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    I truely beeivle that my husband cant heal until he feels in his heart that the VA does care and understand what they endure while serving this country. He tells me all the time they dont care and i say yes they do but in my heart i dont feel that way now. I sometimes wonder if these so called VA doctors making statments like that have served in the battle grounds of the vietnam war. Yes i get very upset when i read these blogs but i pray everyday that with gods graces they will be able to understand what each and every vet is feeling inside and help them as they so deserve. The VA ask why vets dont trust them, well that statement alone about cant stay married if you have PTSD is so wrong and very unprofessional. Yes it is very hard to stay in a marrage when someone is fighting with PTSD from the war, but that doesnt mean every person should up and get a divorce because its hard. Sure i have thought about divorce from time to time and is it in the best interest of our family but i know god sent me into my husbands life for a reason and maybe this is the reason to HELP HIM deal with this. To the VA;s comment to your husband Virginia OH YES WE CAN!!!!!(stay married), is all im going to say. God bless you and all vets

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